Online Dating For Dummies

online dating basics

Now that you have joined an online dating site and are raring to go is perfectly understandable, especially if you are new on the dating scene. However, there are certain pitfalls to avoid when dating online, as with all other activities done on the Internet. We cannot get too carried away and make mistakes that will ruin our dating experience online or even worse endanger us in any manner.

Basics to follow when dating online

Be to the point

Once you in the dating market, keen to meet women looking for men either online or through personals be to the point, when creating your profile. Mention the basics and your USP that will set you apart from the thousands of other profiles. Keep the language readable and do not try to use every adjective in the lexicon. Instead of impressing it will turn off women that read your profile.

Get your grammar right

Trivial as it may seem there is nothing more unbecoming than reading a sloppily created profile with basic grammatical errors. That is the first thing that will drive off any prospective partner. Keep your spell check on and double check the content you have written. If you can have someone with an excellent command of the language proofread it as well, there would be nothing better.

Be sparing with the yarns

As long as you stick to presenting an honest description of yourself, without spinning any fantastic yearns it will be a success. When you describe yourself as physically be genuine. No use mentioning something that you are definitely not. When they meet you in reality and find you do not match the description remotely, they will assume you are a liar.

Use the latest photo

Do not post a picture a decade old when you were slimmer with a fuller head of hair (unless miraculously you have not aged a bit). Don’t get it touched using photography software as it should be an honest representation of you. Don’t ever post a photo hugging any woman, or using props. The picture is meant to be about you specifically, so preferably use a headshot profile photo. You could have some other photographs added to the album if you want to.

Be sparing with personal info

The last thing you want is to have all your personal information available online for everyone to access. The web has its fair share of twisted men and women that could pose a threat in various ways. Adding your address, home phone number, etc. could put you in harm’s way. Instead, use an email-id (specially created) without your name and if you do decide to add a cell number get one new one specifically to be used for the dating site.

Look for local dates

When you have joined an online dating site to meet women in your city or town, why should you waste your time chatting up women and single women from another city? Look for local dates that you can connect with and eventually ask out for a date in your area. There would no hassle of dealing with the limitations of a long distance relationship.

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