Tips To Become A Pro At The Dating Game

dating tips and advice

Whether you plan to join an online dating agency or look for local singles in the neighborhood, finding suitable dates can be a challenge for some. While there are plenty of women both online and offline looking for men to date, prior preparation definitely does come in handy to date successfully. Whether you are interested in single young women or older mature women, to begin with, you need to start your search in the right places.

Few ways to date successfully

Try dating platforms

If you are new to the dating scene and want to hone your dating skills, joining an online dating agency will definitely be of help. It is much easier to break the ice with a stranger online than meeting someone on a blind date and struggling to keep up the conversation. You have a much wider choice of women, plus you have the option to search for women that are compatible. Using the search filters available at most dating sites you can find suitable prospective partners with similar views and interests. This would make dating offline eventually a more interesting option.

Become more sociable

You cannot be a couch potato surfing the Internet at home but need to become more proactive. The secret of men that are successful in the dating game is they take the initiative and grab the moment. They generally are outgoing, confident, and sociable, qualities that women seek in men. Even if they do not succeed with a particular date, they quickly move on to the next. You need to adopt that positive go-getter attitude and learn to accept rejection as part of the game. Successful men never quit because they did not succeed a few times. They analyze where they could have slipped up and double-down on their efforts until they meet with success.

Read up on body language

Women very rarely will show a direct interest in the guy unless he is a Hollywood style hunk! Instead, they give out subtle hints when they are interested in a guy. Do your homework when it comes to identifying body language in women. Relax, you do not have to major in psychology to identify signals a woman is interested in you. Just learning the basics will help you determine whether the woman you plan to date will reciprocate your moves.

Cultivate a sense of humor

Women enjoy the company of men that have a sense of humor. Learn to be funny in a humorous way and you will have women falling for you in droves. If you succeed in tickling the funny bone of women you will never fall short of dates. A bit of self-deprecation goes a long way, but do not overdo it as it may come across as lack of self-confidence. 

Be smartly turned out

Personal appearance and good grooming have a very positive impact on women. Not all women like a caveman type stud, with lack of grooming and a scruffy appearance. Play it safe and ensure you maintain personal hygiene, shave regularly (or trim the beard if you keep one) and wear clothes that suit your personality. Roaming around wearing funky clothes suited to a rap artist, does not suit most individuals. Rather than trying to follow current trends and look awkward, dress smartly in well-fitting casual clothing.

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